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Old Person Hub

Since the lockdown began, elderly local residents who usually attend our two pensioners groups at Dovecot, Vauxhall and Norris Green have been shielding and had very little social contact outside their immediate families; these previously isolated and vulnerable local residents are now disproportionately disadvantaged through increased levels of social isolation due to the Covid-19 crisis.

AVCT are ensuring that appropriate essential emergency services are accessible to elderly residents, and the wider community.  This will include the coordination of Emergency Hubs from our community centres, the provision of free space for other community groups providing community services, the delivery of a food and essential shopping service amongst other services. If you feel you or someone you know would benefit from this service please get in touch

Please contact Pauline meredith via the below

0151 2333 337


Youth Hub

AVCT Youth Hub service at Ellergreen offers a wide range of support for people who are age 18+ to make their next move.  Young people may be concerned about losing their job; need support with building on their existing skills, employability and resilience to overcome short term challenges; or to consider a new direction.

Please contact joe donnelly via the below

0151 2333 337


food hub

The Food Hub is a dedicated service for people who are feeling the effects of the current COVID pandemic. People can refer in several ways. This can be self-referral, from a partner agency or via friend or family. Referrals come through from a dedicated alt valley helpline email, by phone or via social media. Each referral is triaged individually and a member of the team will often spend a significant amount of time talking to residents to ensure that all their needs are met. During this time we will collect enough information as possible in order to signpost them to other services such as debt, benefit/welfare advice or hardship funds.


Please contact via the below

0151 2333 337