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Include-IT Mersey

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Include-IT Mersey will provide targeted, personalised digital skills development and employment support to digitally excluded, unemployed/economically inactive residents of the Liverpool City Region (LCR) to improve their basic ICT and online skills, confidence and access to digital technologies, enabling them to overcome barriers resulting from a lack of digital skills.

Although the project’s primary focus is Digital Inclusion (DI), our delivery model is firmly set in the context of skills/employment and will ultimately support participants to progress towards employment or further training, helping those furthest from the labour market to become more job ready.

There core model includes:

  1. Intelligent identification, referral and engagement, using robust data from the largest network of Housing Associations across LCR;

  2. Volunteer Digital Champions for localised community engagement & support;

  3. Highly experienced/effective, locally based, ICT & employment support providers, with extensive employer links;

  4. Localised outreach delivery through a network of Delivery Partners (DPs), community venues and Housing Associations;

  1. Digital surgeries/ IT drop-ins, aligned to our training provision, run by experienced staff and volunteers, to facilitate ongoing access to digital technologies, enabling participants to practice and apply their new found skills during and after training.

Digital Champions will support participants to learn at their own pace. Small group sizes of between 5 and 8 will ensure that participants receive the levels of personalised support they require. The UK Online Learn my Way platform will be central to the ICT lessons, enabling participants to both choose topics of personal interest and to continue learning outside taught/ supervised sessions.  Through volunteer Digital Champions and local digital surgeries, participants will be supported in their learning. Benefits to the individual include:

  • Increased confidence & inclusion

  • Renewed motivation to learn

  • Improved digital skills leading to:

    • Financial: savings through online shopping & cheaper communication

    • Social: reduced isolation through social media; access to entertainment

    • Health: access to online health services/advice

  • Employment benefits:

    • Ability to search & apply for employment online

    • Improved employability & workplace ICT skills, increasing employment prospects

    • Work experience & volunteering opportunities as a pathway to employment

    • Gaining employment

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