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Create @ Alt Valley

Our organisation is passionate about addressing cultural inequalities and ensuring that communities have equal access to quality arts provision.

We are currently re-designing our cultural offer in line with the recommendations outlined in the 2015 Warwick Commission Report: Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth.


According to AVCT’s Creative Development Manager Paula Currie: "….While Liverpool is a city with a strong cultural offer, many of these activities are based in the city centre and include additional barriers to marginalised communities


Co-Create @ AVCT seeks to embed arts and culture in the heart of Liverpool’s most marginalised and socio-economically deprived areas


Our inclusive programme of free arts activities brings different sections of the community together to support mental health and wellbeing and strengthen community cohesion. We offer a range of opportunities for the community to access arts and culture including:

Musical Outreach programmes:

- Youth music Outreach We deliver free weekly music sessions for Our Lady and St Swithin’s Primary School

- Music Outreach for Young people with ASD We deliver free music sessions for young people from the ARC centre

- Music outreach for Adults with Additional Needs: We provide weekly samba drumming sessions for adults from Croxteth’s Life Skills Hub

- Community Music Outreach: Our popular inclusive, Love Music weekly sessions are attended by All sections of the local community.

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Community Podcasting

We C.A.N

Our Community Podcast is made for the community by the community and covers issues and events that affect people in the Croxteth and Norris Green areas.  To get involved in our friendly, supportive group contact

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