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Work commences on Dam Wood Path

It has been over a year since the development of the Croxteth Community Path Link, known locally as The Cowies.

This improvement to the local path network reconnected 4,500 people from Old Croxteth with the Country Park and neighbouring Croxteth Path Estate, encouraging more people to be more active, allowing increased access to Dam Wood and further opportunities for health, leisure and community involvement.

This was a challenging project led by The Cass Foundation, a local charity that improves health by enhancing the environment through strategic green Infrastructure projects, in close collaboration with The Friends of Croxteth Greenspaces, the local schools, councillors, residents and community organisations.

The increased use of the Cowies path highlighted the need for the old woodland track to be upgraded and the drainage issues addressed. This path is frequently a mud bath throughout the year and access for people with mobility issues, bicycles, prams and small children has, up to now, been very difficult.

Following the success of the Cowies Path Link and the evident need for further resurfacing, The Cass Foundation secured funding from Veolia Environmental Trust and Liverpool City Council for further improvements. We are excited to announce that work is now well underway to repair a kilometre of footpath network through the woods.

Planned works include drainage improvements, resurfacing of the path and new gate features at Fir Tree Drive and Oak Lane North to allow access for pedestrians, buggies, wheelchairs, bicycles and even horses.

Anthony Lavelle, local councillor for Croxteth ward said: ‘It’s great to see this much needed pathway improvement work coming to completion. The path was closed for the best part of ten years. Thanks to the determination of local residents, the path reopened last year and has become a well-used route between both sides of the community. We have thus made it a priority to have the path fully accessible to all. A particular thanks to the Friends of Croxteth Green Spaces group and The Cass Foundation for their tireless work on this project.’

As part of this project we have 10 conservation task days available to local schools and community groups. If you would like to be involved, please contact or call us on 0151 558 0886.

From September, we will also be hosting monthly task days for local people and families. Activities will include habitat management, rhododendron clearance, tree planting, wildflower planting, litter picking, bird and bat box making and wildlife identification. Specialist bird and bat surveys are planned for 2019 so make sure to keep in touch.

For further information follow us on twitter: @cass_foundation, @FOCGgroup, @lancswildlife or find us on Facebook at ‘The Cass Foundation’ and ‘The Friends of Croxteth Greenspaces’.

Annick Laroque

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