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Updates January 2020 - New year!

Happy late new year all from AVCT!

There are a lot of changes and events upcoming in the first few months at Alt Valley, to the website and to the various sectors of the company.

Firstly, The Adult Education timetables have been updated for the courses starting at Croxteth and Dovecot/Yew Tree. Please be aware of the updated start times!

We are currently partnering with 3 Lifestyles gyms in the Liverpool area, Croxteth, Dovecot and Walton. It's only fitting that timetables and offers are available on our website for each of these (as well as the Lifestyles website). These can be found here:

Finally, The libraries section of the website has been cleaned up, making it easier to see the opening times, groups and their timetables for each of our 3 libraries- Croxteth, Breck Rd & Dovecot MAC. These can be found here:

Keep an eye on our blog in the next coming weeks for more updates!

~ Alt Valley Community Trust

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