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Subbuteo's coming home!

A beloved childhood game for many, Subbuteo is making a comeback in Liverpool.

The table top football game, which rose to popularity in the 1960s, is still played around the world, with championship and World Cup tournaments taking place in the USA, Greece, and Israel, to name just a few.

A little known fact about Subbuteo, however, is that its origins can be traced back to Liverpool, where the first factory was located before moving down to Kent, and then Italy.

For a rapidly growing team based in Ellergreen Community Centre, the ultimate goal is to get the Subbuteo World Cup back to its roots: here in Liverpool.

Although the team only began earlier this year, it has proved increasingly popular, with people travelling from all over to come and play. Liverpool Table Soccer Club are now an affiliated team, coached by British champion and number four in the world, Brian Daley.

The team is working its way up the rankings, and is keen for new players to get involved. Eventually, they want to take Subbuteo into schools to get kids involved, but currently, their main focus is the upcoming championship tournament taking place in Ellergreen Community Centre on Saturday 27th July, where players from all over the country will be attending.

It’s the start of something exciting here in North East Liverpool, and is something available to all ages.

If you want to get involved, contact Ellergreen Community Centre on 0151 233 3337, or get in touch with the team via Facebook:

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