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Norris ‘Green’ space gets new lease of life

Norris Green Park has continued getting its facelift in the past few months, courtesy of Friends of Norris Green Park and Ellergreen Tenants and Residents Association.

Local organisations have been helping the groups, getting stuck in at the volunteer days and helping clear up the remaining debris left in the park. Staff from the Co-Op on Broad Lane have been attending, as well as having collection buckets in the shop; in May, a group of Co-Op managers spent an entire day at the park, assisting with clearing and maintenance work.

In February, the park received a visit from a judge from the Green Flag Park Awards.

The visit cumulated in an assessment of the park being made, and, consequently, an action plan being drawn up from the recommendations. The volunteers will be able to get started on this program of work, and hopefully, work towards Norris Green Park being awarded Green Flag Park status!

Although a solid start has been made by the volunteers, Liverpool City Council have halted any further work in the area around the former stables, until some remedial work has been carried out to make it safe. The Grade II listed building has sustained a lot of damage over the years, though the weather, rogue vegetation growing between the bricks, and vandalism. Once these pressing issues have been rectified, architectural experts will be working with the groups to save the structure from further deterioration, and hopefully bring it back into use – maybe as a performance or community events space!

Residents have been waiting for a while now for news on the new play area, but work was continuously postponed due to bad weather. However, work began in early May, and while there were a few setbacks along the way, with the fencing being knocked down while the structure was being built, the play area opens on 2nd June.

This is the beginning of a new era for Norris Green Park. The once beautiful green space is remembered fondly by many in their childhood memories, and is being steadily restored to its former glory, thanks to the hard work of local residents. Hopefully, the park will be the pride of the local community, and many more families can make happy memories in Norris Green Park.

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