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Movember 2019 - Making a Difference

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Another Movember is here and it's time to make further impact on the mission to eradicate these killer issues that are taking the lives of young men.

An increase in deaths amongst men from Prostate Cancer, Testicular cancer and Suicide has occurred in the past years, but raising awareness and getting things checked out early can eliminate the risk of death for these cancers.

The cancers, along with the other types for both men and women, can be stopped if found early enough, so checking when something feels wrong and regular checks even when there isn't something obviously affecting yourself is extremely important. Prostate cancer is only occurs in men, with over 335000 dealing with the disease.

Testicular cancer currently stands at greater than 95% survivability rate, which is great but some men require long-term treatment with some nasty side effects, reducing the quality of life.

Movember website has a lot of useful links and information regarding these checks, what men must do and be aware of:

Suicide is a growing threat and a huge concern, even more so these days. 60 men take their own lives every hour each and every day for reasons that even those close to them will never know. Mental health awareness for men has become increasingly important, and the old way of telling men to 'Man Up' and get on with such things as depression is now getting the negativity it's always deserved, as well as being seen as feminine for wanting to express feelings and emotions. This stigma has led to a staggering 75% of Suicide's in the UK being men.

Depression is the main cause of suicide for men does not pick and choose those who it affects, nor does these types of cancers. But knowing that yourself or someone you know has these illnesses and seeking help & advice early is the best way to get things sorted.

There are many ways to reach out to people for help via the NHS, Mind, Samaritans (call

116 123), Calm and Papyrus.

Grow that tash, donate to the cause and raise awareness for others, especially your friends who you may feel suffer from mental health problems such as depression.

Some useful links and stories regarding Movember:

Stories: - Donnie's Story ( Depression doesn't discriminate) - Elvin's Story (the effects of surgery and treatment on his) life - Alonzo's Story (Prostate Cancer) - Harvee's story (testicular cancer and how he's now living a healthy life)

Movember poster Alt Valley
Movember - Alt Valley

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