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Croxteth Women March for the End of May

In opposition to the cuts to free school meals, a group of Croxteth women will be walking to London to deliver a 1 million signature petition to Theresa May.

Croxteth Women Walking Group will travel around the country, collecting signatures in protest against the new rules surrounding Universal Credit that will come into force in April.

Jean Hannah, co-ordinator at Croxteth Gems, told Alt Valley Voice: ‘Croxteth Women walking will visit 10 cities across the country to raise awareness of these cruel and harsh cuts to our poorest and most vulnerable children. It is the intention of the group to collect a petition of 1M signatures (one for each school meal) and present it to Theresa May in order to force a debate in parliament and call for an impact assessment of the effects this will have on our children’.

The project, ‘Until the End of May’, is supported by Angela Rayner, Joe Anderson, and Stephen Twigg, and will leave Liverpool at the end of May.

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