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CBBC festival continues to be divisive

The long-awaited CBBC Summer Social took place in Croxteth Park in the first weekend of August.

The outdoor festival was held over three days, from 3rd to 5th August, and saw 25,000 people come through the gates to enjoy the event.

The Summer Social had come under fire, for various reasons. As reported in Issue 5 of Alt Valley Voice, the prices of the tickets (£30.80 per person per day) along with the closing off of the estate from the public for the duration of the event, meant people questioned whether the festival would benefit the local area at all.

This frustration was heightened when, at the end of July, a code was leaked that meant around 4,000 tickets went on sale for just £1. These discounted tickets were not meant for the general public; they were supposed to be for event partners to distribute to specific community groups, who would not otherwise have been able to afford to go.

However, once the code was shared on social media, it meant that all the tickets were bought up quickly, and most of the people they were intended for missed out.

Some groups did still receive tickets, thanks to the efforts of local councillors. Croxteth Gems, for example, were given over 200 tickets to the festival, after Cllr Joann Kushner managed to secure Sunday tickets for the organisation.

As Liverpool City Council hope to make this an annual event, hopefully, next year, these shortcomings will be rectified, and local people will be given ample opportunity to enjoy the events in their area.

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