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Top 10 things you can do now you're stuck indoors!

This is a crazy time for all of us, and i'm sure everyone is thinking 'what next?'. For some, being at home, without outside contact, is a totally foreign thing to them where you might be unsure what to with yourselves and fear of ultimately being condemned to extreme boredom.

A bit of a more lighter post than what you might expect to see in this time, and although this may be updated soon, please note that issues such as lack of internet or skill using the internet/PC/laptops etc have been disregarded.

But what can you do to make this time inside not so terrible after all?

It's certainly a great opportunity for everyone to learn something new, discover new hobbies and improve their sense of well-being by finding new skills and boost positivity. Below is a list of things you can do in your home, featuring many FREE things you can do, ranging from learning new languages to that Spring clean you've been delaying.

1. Learn a new skill, discover a new career path and gain knowledge

There is a plethora of online platforms out there where you can learn skills ranging from the more technical side of web development and database management to the more simpler (and without a doubt more enjoyable) things in life such as cooking, drawing, and learning yoga from your home!

- Udemy is one of the leading online learning platforms out there and right now (24/3/2020) there is a flash sale where you can get ANY course for a fraction of the price. I've personally bought a variety of courses over the past few years and they've been infinitely helpful in life such as marketing courses, web design and video editing! There are also many free courses you can take as well as the paid versions. They have sales all year round, but now is a great time to get one at a super low price!

- Skillshare is another online learning platform featuring a HUGE quantity of classes you can enroll on. The best thing about this platform is that you only pay for the monthly cost which grants you access to 23000+ available courses on the website for a low price of £7 a month!

However there is a free version, granting you access to 1000+ courses. They have courses that range from development, nutritional, design, lifestyle, productivity and so much more.

This is just two of the many platforms out there, be sure just to search for 'online learning platforms' to find the perfect one.

2. Learn a new language

Liverpool has a large amount of classes that you can learn a language through, but now the buildings are closed or perhaps it's your first time learning a new language, in any case there is a variety of ways you can learn from home. Learning a second language, or third, fourth etc etc is something everyone should try to do, it'll make you feel more intelligent and of course help you should you ever visit a country with that native language.

You can learn from home through a variety of ways including:

  • Mobile apps - possibly the simplest way out there right now to learn, through apps such as Duolingo and Babbel to name a couple of the more popular ones.

  • Online resources - if you've access to the internet (which you do if you're reading this) there are a vast amount of learning sites and resources out there to learn a new language. Duolingo also has a website! BBC website is also a great way of learning for beginners, along with various other websites out there for beginners to the more advanced learners. Just try searching 'learn Italian online for free' for example and you'll be presented with a host of resources

  • Books! You can still order online through Amazon for example, and have them delivered to your door. Remember to wash your hands after opening the package, of course.

3. Give your home the clean it's always needed

If you've been busy at work or with other commitments, your house may have been neglected in areas that you haven't though about. Can you think of a better opportunity to do that Spring clean that you've always been promising yourself to do one day other than now? This isn't necessarily a hobby, skill or otherwise, but you'll certainly thank yourself for later for scrubbing that oven, mopping the bathroom floor and cleaning the cupboards up. If you're lucky enough to have a garden, pick some seeds up on your next shop to Tesco or Asda etc!

4. Trivia & Video Calling

Who said you needed to be in a pub to take part in that weekly pub quiz you've been going to for years, there are so many available online, being streamed from various Liverpool influencer's such as Independent Liverpool and otherwise, as well as many other online quizzes you can take part in. Gaining knowledge in a fun and engaging way might make your nights a little less dull, plus offers a way to communicate.

Why is Video-Calling in the same section as this? Well, why not host your own trivia quiz through Skype with your friends. Maybe your families and families can compete as well as stay in touch with those who cannot physically see you right now.

5. Reading & Audio Books

Finish those books you've been hoarding for years with the promise that one day you'll get through them before buying more. Fictional or Non-fiction, it doesn't matter, reading is a great way to pass the time, save on the electric bills you'll be racking up over the next weeks or months, and also a great way to learn. Not a big public speaker or good with getting your words out? Then practicing reading the books out loud will certainly give you a boost of confidence and improve skills.

Fan of audio books? There are various free websites to download free books out there, as well as the leading service Audible who offer you a free 30-day trial as well as some free audio books made available due to the pandemic! These books are available in various languages also: Click here to go to Audible.

Here are some links to some sites that offer free downloads:

Remember you still can order books online from many websites including those of high-street stores!

6. Attend an online art exhibition or tour a museum

Are you someone who loves to visit museums and art galleries in Liverpool on the regular? This pandemic doesn't have to stop you doing the things you love as there are a various websites you can visit to take virtual tours of museums, exhibitions, walk through timelines and much more. Please note that they may be inaccessible via a mobile device, but worth a try! Below are some of my favourites:

British Museum - - here you can navigate through a timeline which illustrates the key events over the course of history from Asia, Africas, Europe, Oceania and Americas, with pictures of artifacts, relics and links to further information.

Google Arts & Cultures - This hosts a catalogue of all famous art works from both present and historical periods, featuring works from all the worlds cultures. You can walk through various timelines, view exhibitions that have been featured worldwide and in their respective countries and much more. Here's one of my favourites titled 'Zoom Into 'The Great Wave' which can be viewed via the following link:

Perhaps you want to see the various wonders of the world made available through Street View such as Machu Picchu which can be viewed here.

Another online exhibition can be found here which will walk you through a set of works titled 'Fashioning a Nation' featuring Drawings from the Index of American Design.

This is just a couple examples of available websites, please visit this link to see what else you can discover:

7. Watch new shows, movies and documentaries

Everyone knows about Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms and the huge amount of content they provide. This one is pretty obvious, and certainly is a brilliant way to burn a few hours by watching a film or two, learning new things via documentaries or watching some feelgood comedy series via the above. With the amount of shows and films out there, you'll not have enough time in this lock-down to finish them all!

8. Games & Entertainment

Pass the time by enjoying a game or two, whether that be with the family via a board game, or alone through the internet or console. You can access a host of games on your phone, even more simplistic games that you may miss by not buying your daily newspaper such as crosswords, Sudoku and word searches.

It might also be a great time to get around to finishing that Jigsaw you received as a gift last Christmas.

How about Colouring? Adult colouring books have been found to be beneficial for your state of mind, keeping you focused and busy. Some of the benefits can be found here.

9. Exercise

An extremely important thing to make sure you do while indoors or in your garden is to do some exercise. Whatever it is, and however much is up to you, but getting some is essential. You can follow exercise routines that are available on apps via your phone, or through YouTube. You can continue the Yoga sessions you're missing at home by watching an instructor, or even something more extreme like high-level fitness routines.

10. Writing

Why not write down how your new daily home activities have changed over the course of the isolation period? What have you learned today which you may not of done if you was in your normal routine at work or otherwise? What are some of the things you're doing now that you'll do more of when this all blows over? Writing down or blogging your daily routines, noting changes and ideas etc can be very rewarding and definitely good to reflect on on this bizarre time in future, many of us have not and will not ever see the likes of again.

These are just a small amount of ideas, not for everyone of course, but something to think about. Use the time you're given at home to do something positive and not be totally focused on worrying about what happens next with the Covid-19 situation.

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